Vin de Ve aims to please when it comes to your next wine tasting.  You have a miriad of options to choose from, when it comes to finding the perfect tasting for you.  From a traditional wine tasting, to a wine tasting tailored to your needs, you will be happy with our entire offering.

Morning Wine Tasting

Blind Wine Tasting


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What do you think about a morning spent with friends learning about French wines? It sounds like the perfect start to any day to me.  Let's get together to plan this fun event.

Wine & Chocolate Tasting

What do you rely on when you remove the appelation, vine, vintage, and price range? The only thing you have left, your personal preference!

Wine and Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot
Amanda Kreuder-Carrington


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You will enjoy wines paired with local gourmet chocolates, to bring the best of both worlds together for you and your friends. 

Wine, jewelry... what more needs to be said?