AOC Côtes de Provence

Grenache 40%
Cinsault 40%

Syrah 20%

13 % vol

Sparkling soft rose colour. Fruity aromas of white peach, with a hint of whitedorn. Notes of yellow peach develops on the palate. Full bodied, fruity and fresh. Long velvety finish.

This AOC wine region has existed since 1977 and is packed with charm.

Chateau de la Coulerette has over 60 hectares and lies very close to the sea in La Londe les Maures. La Coulerette was a source for water in the past. Today the vines profit from this water source and helps them to survive the dryness of summer.

Chateau de la Coulerette

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  • Best served between 8°-10°C


    This wine is wonderful when served as with mediterranean food, mixed salads, sea bass à la Provencale, ratatouille, or grilled shimp.