IGP Coteaux de l'Ensérune

Merlot 35%

Syrah 35%

Cabernet Sauvignon 30%

13,5% vol

Garnet red, with promising aromas of underwood, leather, ripe plums, an a hint of vanilla and carmel.  Smooth and full bodied.  Well rounded tannins.  A terroir wine out of an amazing year!

IGP region Coteaux de l'Ensérune lies over 13 municipalities.


This vineyard once belonged to Bailly de Suffrn, knight of Orde de Malte, from the 18th century.  The name of the vineyard can be traced back a the battle in the cove "Pain de Sucre" in Guadeloupe.  Francoise Bousquet and his daughter have owned the vineyard since 1998.  It has over 30 hectares and produces extravegant cuvées.

Domaine du Pain de Sucre Terra Carmina

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  • Best served 18°C.  Open bottle 2 hours before drinking.


    This wine is wonderful when served with rack of lamb or a French cheese platter.