AOP Chablis

Chardonnay 100%

% vol

Delicate aromas of white fruit (apples and peach) and white flowers.  Full bodied and fresh.  Pleasant freshness and minerality in the finish.


Chablis is an historic wine-producing town and region in northern central France. It produces light, dry, white wines famed for their flinty minerality and crisp acidity. AOC Chablis wines are produced exclusively from the Chardonnay grape variety.


Domaine Fourrey has 15 ha of Chablis spread over the village of Milly and Fleys. It is located on the north and northeast facing slopes. 

Domaine Fourrey Chablis

  • Best served at 8°C

    This wine is lovely when served with fish, crustaceans, poultry, andouilliouette, or goat cheese.