Vin de Pay d'Oc (Côtes de Thongue)

Viognier 100%

13% vol

Silberne Medaille Concours Vignerons Indépendants 2016

A sparkling light yellow colour. Flowery aroma of white flowers, with a hint of litchee. Nice balance between freshness and being full bodied and aromatic. Long elegant finish, with a hit of chopped hazel nuts. This wine has a velvety texture against your palate.

Côtes de Thongue is a Vin de Pays wine region, northeast of Béziers. You will find lovely wines in this area, with a wonderful price - value ratio.

Domaine Saint Georges d'Ibry was built in 1860 and still belongs to the same family. Michael Cros has managed the 38 hectares FARRE (Argiculture raisonnée) vineyard since 1985. In 1968 there were only 14 hectares left of the Viognier vine in France. Since the 80's the vine has had its renaissance.

Domaine Saint Georges d'Ibry, Viognier

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  • Best served 8-10°C

    This wine is wonderful when served as an apertif, or with grilled vegatables, mixed salad, fish with a cream sauce, or soft cheeses.