AOC Lirac

Grenache blanc 42%
Rousanne 16%
Clairette 27%
Viognier 15%

14% vol

Sparkling light yellow colour. Unexpected aromas of the fruit of cedar trees and a hint of pear. Full bodied and aromatic. A long elegant finish. Unique!

About the vineyard - Lirac lies to the west, across the river from Châteauneuf-du-Pape in Southern Rhône. Conditions for Lirac are similar to Châteauneuf-du-Pape: both are Mediterreanean in climate with over 2500 hours of sunlight per year and a dry growing season that ensures consistently ripe, flavoursome wines. 91% of the wines made are red.

The Plateau des Chênes has over 16 hectares and is close to Roquemaure. The Brechet family, together with the oenolog Philippe Cambie, owns this vineyard since 2010.

Plateau des Chênes

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  • Best served between 8°-10°C.

    Wonderful as an apertif, or when served with scallops on black lentils, or shrimp kabobs.